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Techbyte (M) Sdn Bhd (TSB) was incorporated on 3rd June, 1999 to provide solutions mainly related to web hosting and web development. From the Initial offering of this core service, in response to customer requirements and market demands, Techbyte has, since then, rapidly expanded its services to encompass all aspects of IT including internet connectivity using mail servers and browsers as well as supplying other software and hardware solutions. With an impressive customer portfolio, Techbyte is today, positioned as a Value Added Turnkey IT Solutions Provider.

TSB has a total of more than 12 years of dynamic combined experience in Information Technology. Our business focus is to assist our business partners to harness Information Technology which can satisfy their needs, improve productivity and lower operating costs. We have expertise to integrate and provide networking solutions of various platforms and are constantly seeking new technologies to increase our range of services by offering more vertical solutions to our customers.

Our company's strength lies in the latest IT knowledge and experiences available today and we will continue to enhance our "customer satisfaction" and "confidence" philosophy by fulfilling its major role in the Information Technology and establishing good value-added business partners in the long run.

  • Redundant 2 X 800 Kva UPS System
  • N + 1Redundant UPS System (2 X 800 Kva UPS System)
  • 20 minutes of backup time
  • Dual 1000 Amps incoming power supply switch board
  • Dual-feed secondary switchboard and critical load distribution boards
  • 2 X Backup Diesel Generator Set, with 3 days of diesel reservoir
  • Capability to be refueled on-line
  • Dedicated Ethernet System
  • Network Monitoring
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Site Security Guard
Each server housed in Techbyte's Data Center is connected via a dedicated ethernet switch rather than Hubs. This arrangement protects the confidentiality of traffic within our network and ensures no other server housed on our network can tap the data flowing through our network.
  • Raised Flooring
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Down Thrown Precision Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Individial Rack Level Circuit Breaker

Techbyte's Data Center is equipped with multiple units of conditioning units, a complete FM-200 fire suppression system, a complete smoke detection system and alarm system. Each rack is also earth-grounded and has its own individual circuit breaker for that extra redundancy.

Internal Infrastructure
Our Data Center is 100 percent powered by state of the art Cisco switches and routers. Each of our customers' servers plugs directly into our Cisco switches and Cisco Routers. These high-end mission-critical equipment will ensure that data gets in and out of our customers' servers at the fastest possible speed. We plug each server into our core switches instead of secondary switches or hubs. This is because in a hub environment, only one computer plugged into it can make use of the network at any one time whereas in a switched environment, every server has a dedicated connection and can at the same time. This results in more data being able to travel through a switch at any one time. In addition, because each computer has its own dedicated connection via a switch, it makes hacking and snooping of sensitive data a little more difficult.
External Infrastructure
Our Data Center currently has three connections to TMNet (Telekom Malaysia Internet Exchange) and A-Bone (Asia Pacific Back Bone) via a 155mbps fiber link to East Gate and a frame-relay network to TM COINS. We will add more connectivity to our data centers as we grow.

By connecting to multiple Asia Pacific backbones, Techbyte can distribute data out quickly to your customers with the quickest possible time in the shortest possible path. In additional, because we route out via multiple backbones, we are not dependent on any single point of failure. In the event of a failure in one circuit, our network automatically re-routes data to another backbone, thereby ensuring uptime and redundancy for our customers.

Techbyte also deploys BGP4 (Border Gate Protocol). BGP is used only by providers with multiple connections to the Internet. BGP enables a multi-homed provider to setup a truly redundant network. When a failure on a leased line is detected, BGP will automatically close that line and re-route traffic to another connection point.

Network Monitoring
Having top of the line network equipment and BGP isn't enough. Techbyte also employs NOCOL (Network Operations Center Online) to provide 24x7x365 network monitoring. With NOCOL, Techbyte can monitor each connection point, server or any IP based equipment and escalate a failed system to the immediate attention of any one of our Network Operations staff available round the clock in the event of an emergency.
Techbyte (M) Sdn Bhd
32, Jalan PP 5/26, Taman Putra Prima, 47100 Puchong, Selangor D.E., Malaysia
Tel : +603 8061 9151    Fax : +603 8066 3768
General & Sales Enquiry : sales@techbyte.com